Student Profile

227 students have graduated from the program between 2008 and 2017.

The average age of these students is 36, and a third of them are women.

9% of the students have a PhD and 35% have a master’s degree before entering the program.

The students come from 26 of the 32 Mexican states, 27% from Mexican universities, 16% from technical institutes and universities, 21% from federal research centers, 5% from federal and state governmental institutions, 11% from multinational businesses, and 20% from SMEs and entrepreneurs.

The private sector students are a mix of entrepreneurs and employees from internal research facilities from companies such as Whirlpool, Sigma Alimentos, Peñoles, Metalsa, Schneider Electric, PepsiCo, Owens Corning, Coflex, Magnecon, Frisa and Forja de Monterrey.

14 of the 20 federal research centers also have participating students, including four directors of these research units. Both private and public universities are represented among the students, including the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the National Polytechnical Institute (IPN), and four campuses of Monterrey Tech. More than 30 professors and staff from various campuses of the National Institute of Technology of Mexico (TecNM) have graduated from the program.