Maestría en Comercialización de Tecnología

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Technology-based Entrepreneurship

Since 2008 CGIE has coordinated a joint Certificate / Master’s degree in technology commercialization from the IC² Institute and the Center for Research in Advanced Materials (CIMAV), one of the CONACYT research centers. Over 100 students have graduated from the Masters program.

Enrollment deadline is July 31, 2017

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Students come from academia, research and business and focus on learning and practicing the methodology of the IC² Institute of technology transfer through entrepreneurship.

During the one-year program students work in teams to take technology generated in public laboratories and the academic and private sectors of Mexico to develop proposals for technology-based businesses.

The center will also organize business plan competitions in conjunction with other local institutions, to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship in the community and will be linked to support incubation, acceleration and financing of Mexican and international institutions.

CGIE also participates in programs to promote innovation and entrepreneurship as an advisor to the Nuevo León Fund for Innovation (FONLIN) in which, using the IC² Institute’s methodology for evaluating technology projects and business proposals, seed funding is given for projects of Nuevo León.

Brief Description of the Mexican MCCT Program

The Mexican MCCT (Maestría en Ciencias en Comercialización de la Ciencia y la Tecnología) program began in 2008 with an agreement between the IC² Institute of the University of Texas at Austin and CIMAV, the Center for Research in Advanced Materials, one of Mexico’s national research units of CONACYT, the National Council of Science and Technology. The roots of this joint Masters / Certificate degree are

  • The desire of CONACYT to introduce the concepts and practice of the transfer of technology from the research units to the market as have been developed by the IC² Institute over the last thirty years and
  • The development of numerous training and consulting programs of the IC² Institute in the state of Nuevo León to promote the entrepreneurial practice of taking technology to market.

The IC² Institute provides the structure, content and faculty of the MCCT program and issues a certificate of completion. CIMAV issues the Masters degree that has been registered with the Mexican Ministry of Education. Besides this Masters degree, CIMAV offers three other Masters degrees in materials, environmental science and education in technology and two Ph.D. programs in materials and environmental science and technology.

“We develop the human resource that will generate the wealth to transform Mexico.”