IC² Institute in Mexico

Since 2007, the IC² Institute has participated in various programs of the Monterrey City of Knowledge project, training researchers, technologists and entrepreneurs of the region as well as forming and developing closer links between Higher Education Institutions (IES) of the States of Nuevo León and Texas.

Recognizing the increased activity in joint projects between the University of Texas at Austin and the IC² Institute and institutions of higher education and the state government of Nuevo León, the University of Texas at Austin and the Institute for Innovation and Technology Transfer (I2T2) of the State of Nuevo León agreed on the desirability of a permanent presence at the Research and Technological Innovation Park (PIIT).

In this context of regional and international cooperation, the Center for Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CGIE) was born in Nuevo León in September of 2008, as a non-profit institution of the University of Texas at Austin.